Milan, Italy in 2015 world expo China pavilion the only designated elevator sponsors

Excellent properties of consistent, with stable performance, comfortable ride in feeling, powerful whole ladder and elegant elegant appearance design and building like nature itself, is the central business district (CBD), financial center, high-grade hotels, luxury apartments and other high-rise building the best choice.
Optimizing man-machine engineering achievements, energy-saving technology and international advanced manufacturing technology is applied to the product, make the escalator/pavement more hasten is perfect, safe, comfortable, energy-saving and easy to maintain. Products used in the large shopping centers, shopping malls, convenience store, railway stations, airports and public facilities.
We through a series of service agreement, provide standard maintenance plan, ensure the maintenance of continuous, active and predictable, elevator upgrading of our solutions to provide you with the freedom of choice, for your device is equipped with the latest technology at the same time also meet the requirements of your budget.
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We have service projects

  • 米兰世博会中国馆
  • Yue mountain area (liaoning benxi)
  • Jilin baishan lily four period
  • Jilin fortune plaza
  • Jindu town (jilin changchun)
  • Liaoning shenyang prosperous garden
  • The shenyang international cheng big digital square
  • tianyuan cheng xiangzhou

Meet the demand of global customers diversification

Kunshan Kyoto elevator co., LTD., founded in 2001, is Europe’s Dutch UMEGA elevator company, after a detailed market research selection elevator factory in kunshan in 2007 as a partner, joint venture, and move to a new factory in 2007. The company is located in kunshan city, jiangsu province industrial development zone, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation.

Taking Taiwan’s largest, most comprehensive meet customer lifting requirements of brand management philosophy, integration of cheng adai international famous crane industry group resources, synchronously the international advanced equipment, perfect system of planning and leading the industry of elastic response system, diversified demand to meet the global customers.

For many “Black Bear” user normal use, to establish the remote monitoring center, to provide repair service 24 hours a day


Detailed explanation of the performance characteristics of the product and use scope, as far as possible let customer understand the company’s products, Kyoto services and advantages.


In the process of trading, Kyoto company as much as possible for you to think more, and everything is carried out under the principle of fairness.


To sell any elevators will implement perfect after-sale service and lifetime maintenance, this is we’ll give you a guarantee.

The entire

Service is not only to ensure safety, protect your investment in terms of equipment, the real service is anticipate and meet customer special requirements.

Blackbear tower elevator experiment

The elevator experimental tower
The height of tower:80 m

Kyoto elevator strictly implements national standard (equivalent to EN81-1) and GB16899 GB7588 (equivalent to oubiao EN115), the company has passed the “People’s Republic of China special equipment installed a-class manufacturing license and A grade transform > maintenance license issued by Germany TUV certification body CE certification at the same time, the current Kyoto’s intelligent products and meet the green environmental protection requirements.

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